Règlement du concours & Conditions de participation


1. The name of this competition is the Joutes Oratoires: French Language Debating Competition.
2. The object of the competition is to promote excellence in debating skills in the French language.
3. The competition is organised and managed by a steering committee appointed by the Conseil d’Administration of the Alliance Francaise, Dublin.
4. The competition is open to all second level schools in Ireland.
5. The competition will take the general form of a knock out competition.

Conditions of entry

8. Each school can submit only one team.
9. Team members must:

– have completed their Junior Certificate Examination.
– not be born in a French-speaking country.
– not have a parent/guardian whose mother tongue is French.
– not having lived in a francophone environment for more than 2 years.
– not be a previous winner.


10. A team will comprise four (4) students. One substitute per team will be allowed throughout all stages of the competition.

11. The allocated time for each speaker will be three (3) minutes. A bell will be rung to signal two minutes and again to signal the end of the allocated time of three minutes. A speaker exceeding the allocated time will incur a penalty of five (5) marks per excessive minute or part thereof.

12. The team in favour of the motion will sit on the right-hand side of the Chairperson and its Captain will propose the motion. Each of the team members will then speak alternately. The Captain of the team opposing the motion will then summarise, followed by the Captain in favour of the motion.

13. All speeches should open with a formal acknowledgement of the Chair, adjudicators and opponents. Team captains should clearly define the motion and set out the team’s approach and interpretation of the topic. Prompt cards may be used. Reading speeches from a prepared text is not permitted. French must be used exclusively.

Late arrival
14. A team arriving half an hour late for the Competition will be disqualified.

Refutation and Rebuttal
15. Teams must engage in the essential debating skills of refutation and rebuttal.

16. Heckling will be allowed from one team member only, at any one time. The speaker is the only person who has the right to respond to a heckle.

17. The adjudicating panel will comprise three (3) to five (5) persons. Each adjudicator must give a decision in favour of one team and the panel must agree the winning team and the best speaker.

18. It is the responsibility of the Chairperson to:
– Ensure the teams sign the attendance document
– Act as master of ceremonies
– Ensure that teams adhere to competition rules
– Give directives to teams and adjudicators, if appropriate
– Give a directive to the Timekeeper, if appropriate
– Announce the winning team and best speaker.

19. The Chairperson may delegate/appoint assistants.

20. A cup will be awarded to the winning team and winners’ medals for each of the team members. The runners-up will receive medals.
21. A medal will also be awarded to the best speaker in each debate.

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